Episode 06: Dave & Jake Crist

Slap my wrist and say it’s clobberin’ time… it’s the XyCast! This is episode 6 with our special guests — 21-time tag team champions — the Irish Airborne, the Ring Rydas, Ohio is 4 Killers… Dave & Jake Crist!

Episode 05

Live from our computers, it’s XyCast night! No special guest tonight, and although it’s a short episode, we still have fun.

Episode 04: Dewey Barnes & Norv Fernum

After a two-week hiatus, we are back! Join us as we discuss WWE Money In The Bank, speak to TNA legends Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum, and talk about some of the most underrated wrestlers in history! Oh, and Brian has some words for Virgil…

Episode 03: The Blossom Twins

More fringe-y than the Lunatic Fringe, it’s The XyCast Episode 3!

Episode 02: Fred Ottman

I know it’s only Episode 02, but I must say that this is our all-time favorite episode. Our special guest was Fred Ottman (a.k.a. Tugboat, Typhoon, the Shockmaster), and he was an amazing guest!

Update on Episode 02

Our interview with Fred Ottman was fantastic! It was so much fun editing the audio. So imagine my despair when Adobe Audition crashed on me when I was about 80% done with the edit.

Episode 01: XyCast Debut

Sooo, we were supposed to have Crazy Mary Dobson on as a guest, but various miscommunications and unexpected events made this impossible… at least for now. But, hey, the final product ain’t bad! Listen to Brian, Eddie and I joke around, chat about the last episode of RAW (at the time) and TNA (all Eddie), …


I’m just setting up this site now. We’ll have details on the first episode up shortly. Stay tuned!